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About Us

Tina - Founder/Director/Head-Designer

Born and raised in Vietnam, Tina immigrated to Canada to pursue a western education and foster new opportunities.While in school, she nourished her love for art, drawing, and fashion. Tina had her first taste of the local Edmonton Fashion scene by attending the Emerging Designer showcase. From here she would go on to meet many individuals who inspire her to not only become a designer herself but want to dedicate herself to showcasing other talent in Western Canada. After her jacket-design won 2nd place in Edmonton’s Winter City Competition 2014, Tina elicited a new found confidence and knew her dream could become a reality.  Today, she's focused on building her brand MomoChrome.

Fun fact - Tina has a large collection of Yoshi memorabilia.

 Andrea - Co-Founder/Designer  

Andrea Marie Fitzgerald is a proud Canadian Aboriginal who has a strong 'passion for fashion' and has been studying fashion design in her spare time for the past 5 years. Andrea is married to her soulmate and has two grown children 21 and 22 years old. Andrea's career is in the federal public service for the past 20 years but her true passion is design and sewing, Andrea adores “boho” style and girly flow-y fabrics.

Fun fact - you can always find candy in her pocket


Lac Ann - Designer



Lac Pham is chemical technician and a young self taught emerging artist ready to step into the future industry. Through experimentation and taking in influences from his science background, Lac has taken an eco-friendly approach wen it comes to his designs. He feels very strongly about who and what inspires him, with his cultural background it is important to him to break down barriers and stigmas with outsourcing. He created LAC ANN to make cloths that are exquisite and beautiful while bring awareness to issues such as sustainability and pollution. Currently, he is also researching wars to eliminate and reduce the amount of chemicals produced by standard leather factories and other parts of the fashion industry. Momochrome will help LAC ANN’s pursuit to making positive change through fashion.

Fun Fact - Lac has a large pin collection.

 Keanna - Model

My name is Keanna Schultz and I am the new model of Momochrome.  I'm really excited to be part of this company and to have met the amazing people who made it happen.  I had an interest towards starting to model about two years ago and it's been amazing ever since.  I'm currently finishing my last year of school and I hope to pursue modelling full-time once I'm finished.  Traveling to new places has always been a passion of mine and I'm eager to do a lot of it in the years to come.  I also own two dogs who happen to be the best things that have come into my life. 

Fun fact - If I'm not in school you can usually find me hanging out with my dogs taking endless pictures of them.

TC - Professional Makeup Artist

Call me TC Mai! President of MAI Makeup, I am thrilled to team up with MomoChrome! Beautiful people, clothes, and makeup makes an amazing team. I am an interior designer by first trade, but I found my passion in makeup artistry full time. One year later look where we are! Starting as a makeup entrepreneur one year ago I never would have thought of working with a fashion designer, but look at us with MomoChrome! MAI Makeup has expanded to a team of four certified hair and makeup artists, with a director who are internationally published! From weddings, to magazines, to fashion shows, we have it all covered. However; we always remember to have fun! Just ask our therapy dog on our team.

Fun fact - If you see me in public make sure to say hello and take a look in my purse where you'll find Dobby our dog

Ivy - Photographer

Hey there, I'm Ivy Diep and am so excited to be joining the Momochrome team! I'm currently a part-time photographer and a full-time university student working towards my Bachelor of Commerce. When I'm not staring at numbers and formulas and pretending like I know what they mean, I'm usually outside exploring obscure locations for the perfect shot. Meeting and connecting with people has made photography such an important outlet for me, and teaming up with Momochrome is giving me the opportunity to do just that. I'm so thankful to be joining a team that feels more like a family than anything else, and to be working alongside people who encourage and trust me to be freely creative in what I do. Here's to Momochrome and a collaboration full of laughter and good times.


Alexander Milo

Alexander’s interest in design came about after a branding project for a friend’s local business. With motivation to continue sharing his work, Alexander’s explorations in design have expanded into knowledge within photography, film and motion graphics. Now graduated from Grant MacEwan University he finds himself diving more into the film aspects which include music videos, commercials and online look books. His easy going and always curious personality brings playful qualities to his projects while a dedicated work ethic maintains a strong emphasis on the value of process and its importance in his creative work overall. Alex is a recent addition to the team and is looking to bring new video ideas to momochrome with more content to come!

Fun fact - Alex's name middle name is Ace King but isn't a gambler. 


Kristian - Web Designer & Developer

Kristian works behind the scenes on the website to make sure things are running smoothly. Working his way towards being a proficient UX/UI designer and a specialist in designing brand identity systems. 

Fun fact - I don't understand why people like bitter melon hah